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Polonia's Bulletin Board

>> Events in the World <<

Polish Parade in Chicago - General information.

Events in the World - Free Online listing of important Polonia's events in the world.
Dual Nationality
- description published by US State Department (USA).
Polish Citizenship - Principles of citizenship are governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the Citizenship Act of February 15, 1962.
Visa Lottery; US Visa Program - Available up to 55,000 permanent resident immigrant visas this year by random selection through a Diversity Visa lottery (DV).

History - Attack on USA - On September 11, 2001 terrorists unleash worst attack ever on American soil. Over 5, 000 people were killed and hundreds injured. 
Wartime Losses - Polish Painting Lost Between 1939-1945.

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If you wish to read bulletin in
Polish press on Biuletyn Polonijny.

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Catholic Information Network - Pope John Paul II

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

... For events press below:
Events in Chicagoland - List of Polish Events in Chicago, IL, USA.
Wydarzenia Kulturalne na Swiecie - Polish's Events in the world in polish >> Po polsku.


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