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Customs and Traditions

Polish folklore - Wycinanki / Polish folk art paper cutouts.

Christmas in Poland - Polish Culture.
The Feast of Corpus Christi Homepage (Boze Cialo) - An overview of the history, theology, and devotions of the feast of Corpus Christi/Boze Cialo, esp.Polish Roman Catholic traditions such as outdoor Procession (Procesja Bozego Ciala). Included are illustrations, theology, liturgy, music and prayers. Some of the contents are found in Polish and Latin as well as English (Chicago, USA).
Folk Arts of Poland - The finest collection of Polish Folk Arts in America.
Folklore - Folklore all Poles should know by Judith Newman.
Medieval Poland - Customs.
Miss Polonia - Awards, Gallery and more (USA).
Okana's Web - Polish and Slavic Paganism and Pagan Beliefs.
Paczki Day - Fat Thursday (Chicago, USA).
Podhale - Gallery, people, culture, and heritage of the Podhale.
Poland - A Country Study.
Polish Calendar - Important Days.
Polish Christmas Traditions - Song, Foods and Wigilia, Feast of the Three Kings and more (Chicago, USA).
Polish Collections - From the British Library.
Polish Customs and Traditions - Polish Christmas, Easter, Wedding and more.
Polish Easter Traditions - Cultural and religious traditions involved with observing Lent and celebrating Easter in the Polish Roman Catholic community (Chicago, USA).
Polish Folk Customs - Pictures and history of Polish folk culture as it pertains to the costumes by Christopher Majka and Sheilagh Hunt.
Polish Knowledge Page - Clothing, Customs & Folklore and more by the Slavic Interest Group.
Polish Traditional Costumes - General information, Costume map.
Santa's Net - Christmas Traditions around the world.
Thanksgiving - Traditions and History; Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more.
Welcome to Poland - General Information.

USA Info (InfoUSA) - Authoritative resource for foreign audiences seeking information about American society, political processes, official U.S. policies and culture.

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If you wish to Learn about Polish History press Here.

More Customs and Traditions Pages You Can Find in Polish Language, Press Here: Po Polsku

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